Handling the Most Challenging Automobile Part Repair in Sonoma, CA

Can’t find a classic or discontinued part for your car? Come to O.D.D. Parts Fabrication. We specialize in auto part repair and restoration. Our owner has more than 40 years of experience in the trade and is able to take on many challenging projects. If you need any type of automobile part repair in Sonoma, CA, contact us today. Some of our specialties include:

  • Replacement of Diaphragms in Vacuum-Controlled Automotive Motors That Are Typically Sealed Inside "Rolled Seamed" Metal Canisters – Such as Vacuum-Advance Mechanisms and Vacuum Motors
  • Repair and Restoration of Automotive Switches, Relays, and Electric Antennas for Vitaloni, Lucas, SWF, Hella, Delco, and Other Makes
  • Restoration of Shrinkage-Cracked Plastics Used in Automotive Switches and Detail Items
  • Restoration Of Critical Pollution-Control Automotive Devices, including Smog Air Pumps, EGR Valves, Thermo-Vacuum Switches, Carburetor Parts, and Linkages
  • New Auto Part Fabrication Where We Can Mutually Build, Restore, and Repair Together